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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Action: Supporting the Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are transforming the way we provide humanitarian aid in crisis situations, such as the recent earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria. The combination of information and communication technologies, such as blockchain, digital identity, and biometrics, is enabling greater efficiency, transparency, and security in aid distribution. In the case of humanitarian shelters in Syria, the mentioned technologies have allowed for greater dignity for those displaced by the war, as they receive supplies, food, and items securely and verifiably through biometric validation.

Initiatives such as "Humanity check" are using blockchain to provide aid more efficiently and securely. With "Humanity check," funds are delivered directly to Doctors Without Borders through The Giving Block, using a decentralized blockchain-based platform to record and distribute donations in cryptocurrencies. This allows donors to monitor the use of their funds and ensure that they reach the right recipients.

The future impact of these technologies on humanitarian donations is enormous. The transparency and traceability they provide can significantly improve efficiency in resource distribution and ensure their effective use. They can also help reduce corruption and waste of resources in efforts to provide aid during crises.

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In conclusion, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are proving to be a valuable tool in responding to humanitarian crises and improving efficiency, transparency, and security in aid distribution. We hope to see more similar initiatives in the future.

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